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VNUS Closure, Radiofrequency Closure

The VNUS closure procedure is a relatively non-invasive method for permanently getting rid of large varicose veins. Compared to traditional methods of treating these veins, such as ligation and stripping, this procedure requires no general anesthesia and produces little or no scarring. Most patients experience little discomfort during the treatment and do not have any recovery time afterwards. The majority of patients report relief from uncomfortable symptoms within a week or two after treatment, and cosmetic benefits within a few months.

About VNUS Closure, Radiofrequency Closure Los Angeles

The VNUS closure procedure uses a very fine catheter inserted directly into the vein to administer radiofrequency energy. This energy heats up the vein, causing it collapse and eventually fade from view. The entire procedure usually takes less than one hour to complete and is done under a local anesthetic. Patients are given a bandage over the insertion site and compression stockings to wear for the first few days after the procedure. Dr Ebrahimi has performed many successful VNUS closure procedures, helping patients say goodbye to varicose veins for good with little pain or recovery time afterward.

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