Summer is over for all intents and purposes and fall has already begun to appear in steaming pumpkin spice lattes and the glorious blooms of colorful mums. As the kids head back to school and life settles into a sort of routine once again, now might be the perfect time to consider treatment for those unattractive and uncomfortable varicose veins that plagued you all summer long. At Incredible Veins, Skin & Body, we have a number of reasons why fall is the right time to indulge in laser vein removal.

Keep Out of the Sun
Laser vein treatment involves delivery of laser energy directly into affected veins, causing them to seal shut and eventually fade from view. After laser treatment, it is important to avoid direct sun exposure on the treatment area for a number of weeks, to avoid discoloration in the area. During the cooler months of fall, it is much easier to enjoy indoor activities and protect those legs from direct sun exposure. You are also more likely to switch out your shorts for long pants and jeans, which also gives treated legs the protection they need.

Time to See Results
Laser vein removal only takes a few minutes to complete in our office, but significantly longer for full results to appear. Treated veins will not disappear for a number of weeks, as it takes time for the body to slowly reabsorb the vessel. Some patients may also require more than one treatment session to achieve full results. By starting your treatment now, you can rest assured your varicose veins will be completely gone and your legs fully healed before spring rolls around.

Indulge in the Summer Harvest
Fall is a delicious time to indulge in all the fresh fruits and vegetables of the summer growing season. In addition to benefiting your body, that bountiful harvest is also good for your veins. By taking full advantage of the summer crops now, you provide all the nutritious support your veins need to heal fully and for your legs to look their absolute best.

Beat the Winter Rush
Winter has been dubbed the best time for laser vein removal, which makes for a busy season at the offices of most vein specialists. By getting started on your treatment now, you can take advantage of more available appointments to make your scheduling as convenient as possible. By the time the rest of the general public is heading in for vein treatment, you will already be in recovery mode, just in time for the holidays.

Fall is the perfect time to schedule your varicose vein treatment. In addition to laser therapy, the staff at Incredible Veins, Skin & Body offers minimally-invasive treatments using radio frequency energy and injectable solutions. A variety of options allows us to customize your vein treatment to your specific needs. To learn more or schedule your initial vein assessment, contact Incredible Veins, Skin & Body at 818-446-2995.

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