Once upon a time, tattoos were for life or took months and years to remove, but these days, there is a newer solution for those who may be experiencing tattoo regret. The technology is called PicoSure, and it uses pulses that last for a picosecond — or one-trillionth of a second
— to break up the ink into smaller particles that absorb back into the body. It can also be used on scars and age spots. So, is PicoSure right for you? Judge for yourself:

1. It is FDA-approved.

With any procedure, one of your first questions is probably, “How safe is it?” Rest assured that PicoSure technology is safe for your tattoo removal. The FDA clearance came in 2012. To further ensure your safety, never elect to have a tattoo removed by anyone who is not a trained specialist in PicoSure or any other type of technology.

2. Side effects are minimal.

No tattoo removal procedure is without side effects, but with PicoSure, expect only minor ones. You may see a loss of skin color or pigmentation, but if this is a concern, talk to your specialist about your skin type and what to expect. You may also experience some swelling and redness for up to 48 hours after the procedure. The heavier the ink, the longer that will last, but it is not a permanent change. You may also experience some minimal discomfort, though many patients report that PicoSure does cause less pain than other types of tattoo removal methods.

3. It works on darker colors.

Depending on the level of saturation, darker colors like black, blue, and green can be difficult to remove, but PicoSure actually works best on these colors. It also works well on yellow and orange.

4. It works faster.

Tattoo removal was once a long and grueling process that required multiple trips — up to 20 or more — to a specialist. PicoSure works quickly and efficiently to remove your ink. You will still have to make multiple trips to the clinic, but that number is significantly less than when using outdated technologies and can even be cut in half.

5. PicoSure is precise.

Perhaps you do not want to remove an entire tattoo. Maybe the artist misspelled a name or there is one part that does not look quite the way you wanted it. Because PicoSure is so precise, you can use it to remove even the smallest portions of a larger tattoo.

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