Whether your job requires you to sit behind a desk or stand on your feet all day, it could be increasing your risk of developing varicose veins. Long periods of sitting and standing can contribute to this condition, resulting in unsightly bulging lines that could be painful as well as unattractive. The good news is there are steps you can take during the work day to keep your legs in top condition and reduce your risk for varicose veins.

Kicking the Sitting Habit

A study from the American College of Cardiology found that sitting behind a desk all day long could damage our bodies just as much as smoking tobacco. That startling realization has led some office workers to switch to “standing” desks and other techniques to help minimize the health risk of the office job. Varicose veins are another concern for desk sitters, but there are habit to employ that will lower that risk:

  • Elevate your legs as much as possible to ease the pressure on the veins of the lower legs
  • Flex your ankles while sitting behind your desk to simulate walking
  • Do calf raises regularly, since flexing the calves helps to push blood back up the leg to the heart
  • Maintain a healthy weight to ensure good blood flow throughout the body, including the legs
  • Get up and walk as much as possible; take the stairs, park further from the entrance, walk to other offices instead of sending emails

The Perils of Standing

Just like sitting all day, standing for long periods brings its own risks to the job. Teachers, nurses, flight attendants and others with standing positions know this all too well. Since varicose veins are one of those risks, it is important to adopt some healthy habits that will negate some of those risks and keep your legs in top health. Some of our tips include:

  • Get the legs moving whenever possible with extra walking, bending your knees and flexing your ankles
  • Take sitting breaks whenever you can, elevating the legs above the heart if possible to take the strain of the vessels in the lower legs
  • Do a few calf raises while you are standing in place to get the calf muscles working
  • Make sure the shoes you wear offer ample support to the feet and stick with low heels as much as possible
  • Consider wearing compression stockings, which improve circulation in the lower legs and help to prevent varicose veins

If you do develop a few of those bulging, protruding lines, help is available. At Incredible Veins Skin & Body, we offer different vein treatments that effectively eliminate unsightly veins with minimal discomfort and downtime. To learn more about your choices in vein treatment, contact Incredible Veins Skin & Body at 818-446-2995.

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