Most of us look forward to the summer season with great anticipation, but for those dealing with a host of skin concerns, the wait may seem more like trepidation than excitement. If you are dreading the skin-baring months due to embarrassment over a skin condition or imperfection, we can help. At Incredible Veins Skin & Body, we offer a variety of minimally-invasive treatments to address a host of skin issues.

Sun Damage and Pigmentation Spots

Fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage can keep you from feeling your best in sleeveless fashions. The good news is these minor blemishes can be easily minimized through laser skin treatments. Dr. Ebrahimi and the staff at Incredible Veins Skin & Body offer treatments using the micro-ablative SmartSkin Co2 Fractional Laser, which can address a host of skin concerns while producing a smoother clearer complexion.

The SmartSkin Co2 Fractional Laser works underneath the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s own healing response. The procedure effectively minimizes the signs of sun damage, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. After just one treatment session, you will see visible results that will make you more confident to flaunt your summer wardrobe.

Loose Skin Interfering with Your Body Contour

Another concern that can interfere with your summer look is loose skin that gives a lumpy appearance to your overall body contour. Those isolated pockets of fat and skin can appear nearly anywhere on the body and rarely respond to diet and exercise. The Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to eliminate small pockets of fat and tighten skin.

Patients typically need about three treatment sessions using the Venus Legacy to achieve full results. The procedure is also effective in reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite that can make you feel self-conscious wearing shorts and bathing suits.

Spider Vein Networks Spreading Across Your Legs

Spider veins can be blue, red or purple, but they all have one thing in common – they can keep you from feeling good about donning your summer attire. Spider veins are rarely more than a cosmetic concern, but that won’t likely stop you from wanting to seek treatment for them. At Incredible Veins Skin & Body, we offer injectable treatments known as sclerotherapy to banish unattractive spider veins and give you smoother, more beautiful legs.

Summer is right around the corner, are you ready? With a variety of treatments at Incredible Veins Skin & Body, you will be prepared to greet the skin-baring season in style. To learn more, contact us at 818-446-2995.

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