Greet the New Year with a beautifully refreshed complexion. The PicoSure Focus Lens offers skin rejuvenation from the inside out, working far below the skin’s surface to produce natural, long-lasting skin enhancement. Available at Incredible Veins Skin & Body, this revolutionary treatment can produce excellent results just in time for 2016.

The Importance of Collagen
Beautiful skin starts below the surface in the complex tissue known as collagen. Collagen is responsible for supporting the underlying skin structure, giving skin its smooth, supple appearance. Over time, our bodies produce less collagen, which impacts the overall health of our skin. In addition, environmental factors and sun damage can deplete collagen levels, leading to skin laxity, thinning skin and the appearance of fine lines and facial creases.

How PicoSure Helps
If collagen depletion is the primary cause of aging skin, it makes sense that restoring collagen levels will help to bring skin back to its refreshed, youthful condition. There are numerous ways to approach collagen restoration, but the most effective is to stimulate the body’s own production of the substance. This is where the PicoSure Focus Lens comes into play.

The PicoSure Focus Lens is unique in that it delivers short pulses of energy 100 times faster than any other laser treatment today. A small portion of that energy goes deep beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production and the body’s natural repair process. The rest of the energy works to gently treat the remaining skin without damaging the skin or tissue. The result is softer, smoother skin with targeted treatment of specific concerns like facial lines and age spots.

Benefits of PicoSure
The unique technology of the PicoSure Focus Lens offers the following benefits to our patients:

• Effective treatment delivers desired results after just one treatment session
• Minimal damage to surrounding skin and tissue means few side effects
• Fast treatments often take just 10-30 minutes to complete
• Comfortable procedure without anesthesia or downtime
• Treats multiple concerns, including facial lines, age spots and shallow scarring
• Works with the body’s own healing process for natural, long-lasting results
• High level of patient satisfaction in clinical studies

There are many reasons why the innovative PicoSure Focus Lens is considered the “gold standard” is skin rejuvenation today. It is not too late to book your PicoSure treatment and get the positive results you want in time for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Contact Incredible Veins Skin & Body at 818-446-2995 to schedule your PicoSure treatment session today.

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