Sun damaged skin is often a natural byproduct of enjoying time outdoors, particularly when we fail to properly protect our skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. While we have been told sun exposure can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer, there are other types of damage caused by the sun as well. The good news is that if your skin is showing significant signs of sun damage, laser resurfacing treatments at Incredible Veins Skin & Body can help to reverse those signs, refreshing and renewing your complexion.

Signs of Sun Damage

There are a number of signs that your skin is suffering from too much sun exposure:

  • Fine lines and deeper facial creases
  • Changes to skin texture (leathery appearance)
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Brown spots and freckles
  • Visible veins known as telangiectasia
  • Although sun-damaged skin may appear thicker on the surface, it is actually more fragile than skin that has not suffered this type of damage. This can lead to a higher risk for other types of skin damage, which can further mar your appearance.

    Microneedling Reverses Sun Damage, Signs of Aging

    Uneven skin tone and fine lines can be effectively addressed with a microneedling treatment. This procedure creates micro punctures in the skin, stimulating the body’s own healing process. Collagen and elastin are also produced by the body after this treatment to give skin a smooth, supple appearance.

    Microneedling is an outpatient procedure that we perform in our office using topical anesthetic. The procedure takes less than one hour to complete and you are able to return to your daily activities right away. Results of microneedling will gradually improve in the weeks following your procedure, giving you a refreshed complexion and minimizing the appearance of sun damage.

    IPL Removes Telltale Brown Spots and Vascular Lesions

    If too much fun in the sun has left you with brown spots and visible vessels, our IPL photofacial might be the right treatment choice for you. This procedure uses intense pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s surface, working in the underlying layers to remove pigmentation and vascular lesions. At the same time, collagen production is stimulated to produce natural, long-lasting results.

    IPL photofacials are performed in our office, usually without any type of anesthesia. The procedure is relatively quick, comfortable and does not require any downtime. Visible veins may disappear almost immediately following treatment, while brown spots may darken and then flake away in the days after the procedure.

    Laser Facials Offer Full Skin Exfoliation

    Laser facials are non-ablative treatments that address superficial signs of sun damage like fine lines, enlarged pores and irregular skin texture and tone. These procedures work by exfoliating the outer layers of skin, revealing a softer, smoother complexion. Collagen production is also stimulated to provide you with longer-lasting results.

    A laser facial takes less than one hour to complete and does not require any type of anesthesia. A handheld applicator is used to deliver laser energy underneath the skin’s surface, where it offers the greatest benefits. Results will be evident right away, but will also continue to improve over time as the body’s own processes kick in to refresh and rejuvenate skin.

    Aesthetic treatments go far today in reversing visible signs of sun damage and reviving a dull, tired complexion. To learn more about the treatments we offer, contact Incredible Veins Skin & Body today at 818-446-2995.

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