Facial scars left behind from acne or chicken pox can become a significant cosmetic embarrassment for some men and women. Fortunately, revolutionary treatments can eliminate the look of these scars today, often in just a few quick treatments that involve little or no discomfort or downtime. If you are unhappy with your appearance due to facial scarring, the staff at Incredible Veins Skin & Body have the tools to help you address those scars and enjoy smoother, clearer skin.

About Scars

Scarring occurs when the body’s healing response kicks in to repair damage to the skin. Collagen is produced to support the underlying skin structure and heal the surface of the skin. This process is not usually as precise as the original skin structure, which leaves the area looking uneven or bumpy.

Both acne and chicken pox create breakouts on the skin that can leave pitted scarring behind. These pits may be relatively small and shallow, but they can create a significant cosmetic concern, especially if there are many of them. The bumpy skin texture can also make it difficult to apply makeup smoothly and may make you very self-conscious about your appearance.

Scar Treatment Options

At Incredible Veins Skin & Body, we offer two effective treatments to minimize the appearance of scars:

Venus Viva

This revolutionary treatment uses fractional radiofrequency technology to heat the underlying dermal layers and create a smoother look to the skin’s surface. The heat works deep beneath the skin’s surface, leaving the outer skin layers and surrounding tissue untouched during the procedure. This ensures dramatic results with less discomfort or downtime than more ablative laser procedures or surgery.

Venus Viva does not require any type of anesthesia, other than a possible topical numbing cream for patients worried about their comfort during treatment. The procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete and patients are able to return to regular activities right away. Treatments are performed in a series of sessions to produce the best possible results. Once those results are obtained, you will enjoy smoother skin for many years.

Picosure Focus Lens

The Picosure Focus lens is another effective way to minimize the appearance of facial scarring. This device, which can also eliminate unwanted body ink, works by delivering laser heat deep beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. In addition to scars left by acne and chicken pox, this procedure can also be used to reduce the look of surgical scars or scars left after an injury.

The Picosure procedure may be performed using topical numbing cream and the procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. Patients may return to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over. Skin redness or swelling will subside on its own within a few days after the procedure. A series of treatment sessions may be needed to produce full results, which will last for many years.

Don’t let facial scarring put a damper on your summer social season this year. Say goodbye to those nagging imperfections with a non-surgical procedure designed with your specific needs in mind. To find out which of these procedures will work best for you, contact Incredible Veins Skin & Body today at 818-446-2995

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