According to a Reuters report in 2012, the number of women with tattoos now outnumbers men, with more than half of all women over the age of 18 showing off at least one piece of body art. Unfortunately, around 20% of the adults with tattoos change their minds about their body ink at some time during their lives. The good news is Picosure tattoo removal is helping many of those adults erase those artistic memories from their past.

What is Picosure?

Picosure is an innovative laser treatment that was approved by the FDA for tattoo removal in 2012. The laser works even faster than the previous standard laser tattoo removal, which makes it more effective in removing even the most stubborn tattoo ink colors like blues, greens, yellows and oranges. Picosure can even work on fading tattoos that have not been completely eliminated through other laser treatments.

There are a number of benefits Picosure offers over traditional laser tattoo removal procedures:

  • Less discomfort during the procedure
  • Higher success rate in tattoo removal
  • Shorter recovery times after treatment
  • Fewer sessions required to achieve desired results
  • Picosure tattoo removal is now available at Incredible Veins, Skin & Body. Our Encino office is one of the first 32 in the country to offer this innovative laser treatment to our patients.

How does it Work?

The laser tool delivers short pulses of energy to the surface of the tattoo, breaking up the pigments in the ink so they can be reabsorbed by the body. Surrounding tissue is not damaged during the procedure. The duration of the procedure depends on the size and number of tattoos to be addressed.

Patients are given a numbing cream prior to Picosure treatments. A cold air blower is also used during the procedure to make it as comfortable as possible for the patient. Most patients describe the Picosure procedure as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.

What about Results?

After the procedure, the area of the tattoo may appear red and swell somewhat, but these side effects subside on their own within a few hours. The area may feel irritated, like sunburn, particularly if something rubs against the area. A bandage will remain on the treatment area for 24 hours after the procedure.

The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient, but most patients see excellent results after approximately four treatment sessions. For more information about Picosure tattoo removal, contact our staff at Incredible Veins, Skin & Body

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