Spider veins, those unsightly networks of blue and purple lines that resemble spider webs, can put a real damper on your enthusiasm for warm weather. Skin-baring clothes may not seem quite as enticing when those visible veins can peek out for the world to see. Fortunately, there are spider vein treatments that can eliminate those lines permanently. If you start your treatment now, your legs will be ready to greet spring in style.

Treatment Options for Spider Veins
There are two popular methods for effectively eliminating spider veins today:

Sclerotherapy – This procedure administers a sclerosing agent by injection directly into the affected vein. The solution causes vein walls to seal shut so the vein eventually disappears from view. Blood is rerouted through healthy veins nearby. Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves no anesthesia and no downtime afterward. Results are usually seen within six weeks following the procedure.

Laser Therapy – Laser procedures are a relative newcomer to the spider vein treatment scene. This therapy delivers concentrated pulses of laser energy to affected veins, which damages them and causes them to seal shut. Veins are eventually reabsorbed by the body. Laser therapy for spider veins is non-invasive and requires no downtime afterward. The results of the procedure are almost instantaneous, with veins disappearing right before your eyes!

Benefits and Considerations
The benefits of sclerotherapy and laser therapy are numerous and include:

Minimally-invasive procedures mean no discomfort or downtime afterward
Procedures are quick, usually taking less than 30 minutes to complete
Results are permanent, with no scarring to worry about
Procedures leave smoother, sexier legs for warm weather clothing

There are also factors to consider before undergoing spider vein treatment, including:

  • Both sclerotherapy and laser therapy may require more than one treatment session to achieve desired results
  • Some bruising or swelling could occur, which subsides a few days after treatment
  • Shaving is not recommended while the veins are healing
  • Although the procedure is permanent, new spider veins could eventually develop in the same location

If you are dreading those coming warm weather months due to unsightly spider veins, help is available. By starting on your treatment now, you will enjoy smoother, sexier legs by the time that thermometer starts to heat up. For more information about options in spider vein treatment, or to learn more about additional cosmetic treatments that can get you ready for spring, contact our staff at Incredible Veins, Skin & Body today.

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