Laser technology and liposuction come together to create a technique for eliminating unwanted pockets of body fat with less downtime than traditional liposuction procedures. SmartLipo uses laser-assisted lipolysis to liquefy fat cells, making them easier to eliminate from the body. The result is less trauma to the treatment area and less recovery time for the patient.
SmartLipo Uses
The versatility of SmartLipo is another reason why plastic surgeons and patients alike tend to prefer this liposuction method. SmartLipo can be used to address both large and small treatment areas, including:

  • Abdomen and waistline – Whether you are dealing with extra weight after pregnancy or a fuller waistline as a natural part of the aging process, SmartLipo can help. This procedure firms and tones the midsection, removing pockets of fat that prohibit you from fitting into your favorite clothing or feeling confident when you look in the mirror.
  • Upper arms and back – The upper arm and back can become collecting points for fat cells, leading to folds and rolls you never experienced in your youth. SmartLipo can eliminate those rolls for a leaner physique. In some cases, a surgical lift procedure may be combined with SmartLipo to remove excess skin and produce even better results.
  • Buttocks, hips and thighs – This area of the lower body is often the place where extra pounds tend to settle. Diet and exercise are rarely sufficient for toning and firming this area completely. SmartLipo can remove excess fat deposits, giving you a leaner body profile that you are more comfortable showing off in shorts, skirts and bathing suits.
  • Calves and ankles – The lower leg can be another area where fat deposits interfere with your younger, sleeker body contour. SmartLipo effectively slims down the lower leg so you can feel more comfortable sporting your favorite skirts and dresses.
  • Face and neck – The precision of the laser technology allow for use of SmartLipo even on smaller areas like the neck and jawline. This procedure can eliminate the look of a double chin that makes you appear much older than you feel. With less trauma to the treatment area, SmartLipo is becoming the preferred liposuction option for visible areas like the face.

With many options in SmartLipo treatment, it’s no wonder this procedure is one of the most requested at Incredible Veins, Skin and Body. Dr. Ebrahimi uses the technique for all types of body contouring, providing patients an effective method of toning and tightening various areas.

SmartLipo can be performed under local anesthetic, leading to shorter recovery times than other liposuction methods. The procedure leaves less scarring and patients are usually back to regular activities much faster. To learn more about the benefits of SmartLipo, contact Dr. Ebrahimi’s staff at Incredible Veins, Skin and Body, at 818-446-2995.

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