While it is true summer is nearly upon us, it’s not too late to explore your options in laser hair removal before bikini season officially arrives. This treatment offers permanent hair reduction in any area of the face or body. If you are not looking forward to returning to your regular shaving sessions to stay silky smooth throughout the upcoming season, now is the time to discover whether laser hair reduction is the right choice for you.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a device to deliver concentrated laser energy directly into hair follicles. The laser disables the follicle so the hair inside falls out. The damage may also make it difficult for future hair to grow in its place, which is why laser hair removal is often called a permanent method of hair reduction.

The laser targets the melanin in the hair, so the greater the contrast between the hair and skin tone, the better the results. Typically, the procedure works best on fair skinned patients with darker hair colors. Because light blonde, red and grey hair do not have any melanin, laser hair removal cannot be used effectively on these hair colors.

Benefits of the Quanta MDK

At Incredible Veins Skin & Body, we use the latest in laser hair removal, the Quanta MDK. This laser offers the following benefits:

  • Highest level of technology currently available for hair removal treatments
  • Suitable for all skin types and colors
  • Integrated cooling ensures patient comfort throughout the procedure
  • Ability to treat nearly any area of the face or body
  • Effective method of hair removal without significant discomfort or downtime

Best Candidates

Both men and women can undergo laser hair removal at Incredible Veins Skin & Body and enjoy positive results. The laser tends to work best on areas like the bikini line, underarms and lower legs, where hair tends to be darker and coarser. However, it can also produce positive results on the thighs and upper lip, although more treatment sessions may be needed to address all of the finer, lighter hair in the treatment area.

Quick Procedure, No Downtime

Laser hair removal is performed in our office and may take just a few minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. Eye protection is worn to protect the eyes from the laser light during the treatment. While the procedure involves little discomfort, a topical numbing cream may be used on more sensitive areas to ensure patient comfort throughout.

Tips for Success

To ensure the best possible results from your laser hair removal, follow these simple tips for success:

  • Do not wax or pluck the area to be treated for at least four weeks or between treatment sessions
  • Do not tan in the four weeks leading up to your hair removal appointment
  • Attend all of your treatment sessions in a timely fashion to ensure the best possible results
  • Avoid sun exposure after treatment and keep treated area moist during the healing process

Laser hair removal takes some time and commitment up front, but the results are long-lasting. You will begin to see positive results even after your very first treatment and the results will continue to improve with each subsequent session. Once your results are complete, you may find you need little maintenance to keep the area smooth and hair-free.

To learn more about laser hair removal, contact Incredible Veins Skin & Body at 818-900-2700.

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