Month: January 2016

5 Ways to Revive Tired Winter Skin

The cold months of winter take a significant toll on your skin, leading to dryness and irritation that impacts your…

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Water Retention and Varicose Veins: Bad News

Fluid retention and varicose veins are both common problems, particularly for women in the middle to later years of life.…

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Too Much Sun is Never a Good Thing

Sun damaged skin is often a natural byproduct of enjoying time outdoors, particularly when we fail to properly protect our…

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The Varicose Vein/Spider Vein Comparison

Both spider and varicose veins can be a significant cause of cosmetic embarrassment for adult men and women. Effective treatments…

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Give Your Varicose Veins a Break

The veins in your lower legs are some of the hardest-working vessels in your entire body. They are taxed with…

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